50 ml Déjà Voodoo eliquid Wick liquor


Déjà Voodoo e liquid by Wick liquor Ireland

Deja Voodo vape juice by Wick liquor is for those who loves coconut flavored e-liquids. 

If you did not try e-liquids from Wick liquor yet, you did not know how the best e-juices taste like.

Buy this premium flavored strongly settled Vape juices by Wick liquor and open new doors of flavors. 

Wick liquor is London based e-liquid company, but their vape juices are sold worldwide. 

Key flavor of Deja Voodo E-liquids are: Coconut, Sweet sugar cane

Size of Wick Liquor E-Juice: 50 ml in 60ml Shortfill bottle



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Wick Liquor Ejuice E-Liquids Ireland

Wick Liquor Butique Ireland E-liquid offers amazing strong and ritch flavored vape juices like any other companies. It is hard to believe, but once you try let say Wick Liquor Boulevard e-juice, you will think again, why did you vape something else before. 

Who ever tried our Wick liquor eliquids, were satisfied and this juices are so strong in taste that even after good few weeks, you will still enjoy it same as the first day. 

Wick liquor produced something what we can call best ever e liquid called Boulevard. It is so popular, they started in small 15ml bottles, later they introduced 50ml Wick liquor shortfills, but customers wanted more, so they created massive 150 ml Wickliquor shortfill. Even this big 150 ml e liquids you will be enjoying even the very last drop. 

Wick Liquor produce the first range and got crazy popular on Irish vaping market. Being honest second and third range with crazy flavors is not as good as the first one. 

And that is the reasson why we stopped it. 

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