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Dekang e-liquid factory is worldwide famous as the world biggest e-liquid producer. Dekang E Liquids won plenty international certificates for their e-liquid quality and taste. Dekang is a ejuice producer that produce many brands, as their factory produced over 1 million different E-liquids every day. If you are buying your Dekang E-liquid with us, we can ensure you are getting an original Dekang and we also make sure you are buying your e-liquid for best prices in Ireland. 

Dekang E-Liquid -VG/PG Ratio

Our liquid / e liquid from Dekang is mixed on PG base. That means it is perfect if you are starting as the higher level of pg will  give you the right kick on your throat.  Dekang ejuice is our best selling e-juice. In past few years, we sold more than 2 000 000 Dekang Eliquids in Ireland. 



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