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Nicotine Shots (Nic Shots) | Nicotine Boosters Ireland

There is many different names but still the same product. Nicotine shots, also known as Nic shots or Nicotine booster are used with Short fill e-liquids. 

They are 10 ml bottles, and can be also used for diluting e-juice or topping up with nicotine. 

Our nicotine booster is one of the most popular nicotine shots on Irish vaping market. 

Nic Shots are here to provide the nicotine that you need for your favorite e-liquid. 

VG PG RATIO of Nicotine Shots - Nic shot

Our most popular, time proved and well trusted by Nicotine booster is coming as 70VG/30PG. 

Nicotine strength 

Our nicotine shots are all 18mg strength. 



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nicotine shot calculator ireland

Here is a list of outcomes for adding 18mg Nicotine Shots to flavored (0mg) PG/VG Mixes

ML Of Nicotine Base Nicotine Base Strength ML Of Flavoured PG/VG Mix ML Of Finished Mix Nicotine Strenth Of Mix
10ml 18mg 50ml 60ml 3mg
20ml 18mg 50ml 70ml 5.14mg
10ml 18mg 60ml 70ml 2.57mg
20ml 18mg 60ml 80ml 4.50mg
10ml 18mg 90ml 100ml 1.8mg
20ml 18mg 90ml 110ml 3.27mg
10ml 18mg 100ml 110ml 1.64mg
20ml 18mg 100ml 120ml 3mg
10ml 18mg 120ml 130ml 1.38mg
20ml 18mg 120ml 140ml 2.57mg

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