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Face Masks in Ireland

We offer massive stock of 3 ply protective Face masks. Disposable Face masks are ideal protection when travelling through congested airports,shops, parks, busy city streets or bus terminals.

3 Layers of Thick protective material Face masks produced from non-woven fabric. Each surgical mask is equipped with extra soft Ear loops and nose strips to ensure even better protection. Thanks to the ear loops, pressure to the ears is limited to minimum. Non woven folden process structure is more skin-friendly and fit better the human face curve. These Face masks are one size, unisex and size fits all adults. 

All our surgical face masks are sold in packs of 50, which come in a plastic bag and box, stock is available in Waterford, Ireland.  

Where to buy Face masks in Ireland

Face masks are now, if we want or no, part of everyday life. At list those, who cares for others. Naturally, lots of Irish are wondering where can 

they buy Face masks right now. Fortunately, it is not that difficult. Most of the local pharmacies offers them for 2 or more Euro per piece. 

Than you can find online store, who sell face mask in Ireland, like us, but only few of us has stock and offer same day dispatch for your orders. 

Why to buy protective face masks from us

If you are in need of simple, easy and comfy wear face masks with 3 ply protection made from skin friendly materials with elastic Ear loops and nose-piece, which assist in conforming faces contours we are here to serve you. All our online stores accomodate Face masks as one of the best selling products. Daily we ship over 750 orders. 

Few clicks, fill in your details, pay with Paypal or Credit Card and we dispatch it for you same working day with DPD tracking and insurance for only 2.99 Euros. 

When and How to use a face mask

When and how to wear disposable face masks to protect against coronovirus? Wear a mask if you are coughing or sneezing. Face masks are effective protection only when used with combination of frequent hand cleaning. If you wear a face mask, than you must know how to wear it. 

1. Before putting on a face mask, clean hands with alcohol based hand sanitizer or soap and plenty of hot water. Wash your hands min for 30 sec. 

2. Cover mouth and nose with your face mask and make sure they are no gabs between your face and masks. Use integrated nose strips for better protection.

3. Avoid touching face mask while using it, if You do, clean Your hands. 

4. Replace the face mask with a new one as soon as it is damp and do not re-use single-use or also known as disposable face masks. 

5. To remove the face mask, remove it from behind and do not touch the front of mask. Discard face mask immediately in a closed bin, than clean your hands again. 

Do not share Face masks with others!!!

Face Masks


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